Moms Offering Moms Support

We are a support group designed for stay at home mother, work at home mothers and part-time working mothers. We offer a variety of activities for you and your children, as well as support for the challenges motherhood throws at you.

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What is MOMS Club?

MOMS Club is a nationwide non-profit organization whose initials stand for "MOMS Offering Moms Support." The Club is a support group for you, the stay-at-home mother of today, interested in the world around you, wanting activities for you and your children, and proud of your choice of at-home mothering. The club offers a wide variety of club sponsored activities designed to provide fun, companionship, education and support to our members and their families. The MOMS Club and our members also do service projects that help needy children and others in our community. MOMS Club Sherman Oaks

Our Chapter

The Sherman Oaks chapter serves residents in all of Sherman Oaks. We are a friendly and active group. We are very open to new members and new ideas. We offer weekly play groups, monthly socials and other activities throughout the month, including field trips, monthly moms' night out, and every few months, family activities. Please visit the Activities page to see some of the fun things we do.

Why should you join?

Most moms join the MOMS Club because they are looking for a playgroup or other activities for their children. You will find that and so much more. You will find support, friendship, resources, and fun.

Playgroups and Activities

Upon joining the club you will be invited to join a playgroup. Meeting with the same group each week allows healthy, lasting friendships and strong support systems to develop among the kids and moms in each group.


Being part of a supportive community.

"I'm so glad I found MOMS Club. It has given both me and my daughters friends for life!"

- Mom

We love our weekly playgroups!

- Mom

MOMS club is such a wonderful community of families

- Mom